Please help me, I just escaped from the KFC plant!!


Escaped chicken: zonga press.


Pepsi next: zonga press.

I wonder if movie theaters are serving Pepsi next yet. I thought it was a diet drink when I first heard about it, even when I was drinking it. I thought I was consuming a great tasting diet beverage. I found out it had 25 grams of sugar, on the bright side it has 30% less sugar. 25 grams is still a lot of sugar. Still it has a 100 calories. All in all not much different than your regular Pepsi but still tastes great. I would say it’s my choice of the next generation..lol.



Godzilla: zonga press

Right now people are lining up at the concession stand buying a large cold drink with a large bag of popcorn and maybe even a bag of twizzlers getting ready to see the new Godzilla movie.
It looks good. There are a few monsters in there with the king monster getting ready to rise high above the skyscrapers. Will it rise above the box office sales on the long weekend?
With the million dollar arm, Spider-Man two and neighbors out, well I guess those are last weeks with neighbors and spider man two, they made their millions already.
What movie will make more this weekend? Godzilla or million dollar arm?
My guess would be Godzilla. It has a great cast with Aron Johnson from the kick ass movies and Brian Cranston from breaking bad.
With great acting mixed in with great special effects, I would have to say that Godzilla will satisfy us until the new Jurassic park comes out. http://www.cineplex.com




Eight years ago today I took my mother to a movie called walk the line at the theater. On the way to the theater I thought I would make a pit stop at the bank to withdraw some money for the movie. My intention was to treat my mom for Mother’s Day.
I walked to the ATM machine, put the card in the machine. I was just about to make a transaction when I heard the machine make pretty much a swallow sound, the message on the screen said ” sorry not able to do a transaction at this time, please call your financial institution thank you.”
No card, no money. I had to call my bank for a new card and to this day I only use an ATM machine once every two weeks to withdraw cash for my rent. That’s why I’m glad they have debit, that way my card is within hands reach.
My mom ended up treating me to the movie that day on Mother’s Day, thanks again mom 🙂
I am very paranoid using an ATM machine.
Just sayin.


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A Malaysia flight 370 plane went missing a couple of months ago. They now have a poll of where the plane may have went to.
Did they go back in time? Or
Did they go into the future after hitting the Bermuda Triangle?
How can a plane that size go missing?
That will be the greatest mystery since jimmy hoffa’s missing body.
Maybe they went to planet zonga.


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Treat mom to a great movie today with a cineplex gift card. It’s good for admission and concession.


Happy Mother’s Day: zonga press.



I understand that there are not that many great reviews about the movie moms night out. My philosophy is don’t listen to critics or other people’s comments on a film.
I cannot sit through hockey, baseball, basketball, football or any kind of boring games. I don’t find it interesting to watch other people toss a ball or chase a puck. Yet I can sit through a movie whether its good or not. Movie makers do a lot of work, they spend hours on one scene and editing all to get in return to hear that their work sucks.
There are a lot of movies that I love and other people don’t like. They say ” I can’t sit through a movie.”
Yet they can sit for hours on a cold bench watching someone chase a puck or a football.
If there is a movie that you want to see but another person says ” don’t see it, I hear its not that good.”
Don’t listen to them, follow your gut, see it for yourself and you can decide if you like it or not.
Take mom to a movie for Mother’s Day.

Here are the top five movies on my list to see.
1. Moms night out
2. Neighbors
3. Legends of oz
4. Heaven is for real
5. Spider-Man 2

Heaven is for real I saw but I would love to see it again, because it may not be on video for a while. Blu ray and DVD release date is unannounced.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, enjoy your day :).



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The movie her with Joaquin Phoenix comes out on blu ray on tues may 13th/2014.
Joaquin Phoenix plays a guy who just got a divorce from his wife and becomes a little lonely. One day on his computer a surry like program pops up.
The computer now had a female voice and talks to him like a human would, not sounding like a computer. Him and her..the computer hit it off. He becomes happier like he just met a regular girl. The computer was voiced by Scarlett johansson, so I can understand why he would be happy. I don’t want to give too much away. This movie was better than I thought it would be. Probably his best since walk the line, not as good though but better than his movies like the master which was complete crap.
This movie had great performances from not only Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett johansson but also Oliviea Wilde and Amy Adams. The way he talks to the computer if you think about it, would probably be no different than talking to a girl on a 1-900 number, which he talks to “her” like he would on one of those numbers. If they had a program like that in real life I would be gamed..lol.
If you want to check it out before Tuesday


Her: zonga press.


Cyclops glasses: zonga press

Hi there I’m professor cy. I’m a cyclops. Being a university teacher and a news paper editor, I have to do a lot of reading and it can be a strain on the eyes. That’s why I have to take care of my vision. As a kid wearing glasses, I have been called names like two eyes as opposed to a human with two eyes wearing glasses being called four eyes. To go to a 3-D movie I had to wear 3-D glasses over my regular spectacle to see better to get the 3-D effect.
Since I went to acuvue my life just got a whole lot better. I got a contact lense and now it feels like I got twenty vision. It sure beats wearing a spectacle. Now I look more sophisticated. Now when I watch a 3-D movie, I only need to wear the one pair of glasses.




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